Dave Fry, Sous Chef

Dave Fry is an award-winning, certified Cajun chef who has traveled extensively in pursuit of new culinary experiences. His travels have taken him around the U.S. where he has apprenticed and worked under top local chefs in each area he landed – including Lafayette, Louisianna; Cooper Landing, Alaska; Key West, Florida; Santa Fe, New Mexico; and Las Vegas, Nevada. Over the last 20 years he has developed a deep background and comfort working for restaurants focused on Cajun, Caribbean, Tex-Mex, Wild Game, and Fine Dining.

HollyHedge was fortunate that Dave, a Lambertville native, returned to the area in 2001. After he was flooded out of a couple of local riverside establishments, he came to higher ground at HollyHedge and has been working as the sous chef de cuisine since 2003. He is an avid single-malt drinker, and would like it to be known that he is not afraid to sample a premium vintage should the need arise.