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With 39 overnight rooms available through HollyHedge Estate & The 1740 House, you have the option of on-site and nearby accommodations available specifically for your guests, no matter how far they travel.

As we move forward in this new century, modern couples are likely unaware that when they exchange their vows, they share the “stage” as it were, with a colorful and rich history of past events that have taken place on this site.

Special Pricing and Packages for weddings at HollyHedge Estate on Sundays in 2020. Find out more about alternative, affordable Sunday wedding options at the Estate in 2020.

2020 marks the 5th Year Anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision fully-recognizing the marital rights of same-sex couples in the U.S. We are celebrating the decision by offering special pricing and packages for same-sex couples on remaining dates in 2020.

HollyHedge couple’s love story is featured on