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HollyHedge Continues to go green…we’ve made the move to eliminate all plastic straws and transition to paper straws or wood stirrers throughout all our uses. #SimpleGreenWeddingSolutions

We genuinely believe that we are not just the beneficial occupants of this beautiful estate, but are the stewards of its land and history. Learn more about what we’re doing to green HollyHedge and preserve its history.

Each bar of used bar of soap used to be thrown away, contributing a massive load to landfills each year. Now, we are working with Clean the World to collect used soap that can be repurposed and sterilized and used by impoverished communities to fight against preventable diseases.

Though we’ve had two large goats for some time, we added three new little guys in the Spring. They’re fantastic garbage disposals – eating leftover food scraps, and brush that is cleared from around the property. When the goats’ palate proves to be too discerning, then the hungry chickens tend to take care of whatever […]