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Don’t miss the New Hope area’s premier cultural event. New Hope Pride week will be from May 14-21, 2017. Come celebrate the area’s beautiful diversity.

We are so happy that Abby and Ellen chose to tie the knot at HollyHedge this winter.  Check out some really lovely photos of their wedding from CalviSoffa Studios,  a new vendor with whom are team really enjoyed working.  There were no shortage of really personal touches that Abby and Ellen brought to their celebration […]

Pig roasts are an unforgettable summer tradition and a cause for celebration in many different cultures. They are also the perfect way to wow your guests at a rehearsal dinner or wedding. While popular in many different cultures, pig roasts are typically associated with Hawaiian, Caribbean, Philippine and Southern families and traditions. They usually involve a […]

HollyHedge Estate celebrates Supreme Court’s recognizing the fundamental right of same-sex marriages throughout the US. Proud to support LGBT love for over 20 years.

HollyHedge played host to its first LGBT wedding of 2015 on January 18, 2015 in New Hope, PA. The brides celebrated marriage equality in PA with Frozen-themed wedding!