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We genuinely believe that we are not just the beneficial occupants of this beautiful estate, but are the stewards of its land and history. Learn more about what we’re doing to green HollyHedge and preserve its history.

What better thing to do on a rainy day in January than take a look back at the year that was and reminisce on some of our greener achievements in 2012? The Pool-to-Pond Project Tired of the constant maintenance of a pool that was rarely used, this past year we began the process of converting […]

The initiative behind out rain barrel project is to move away from pumping water from wells and, instead, collect rain water that can be used to irrigate the vegetable garden, our fruit trees and eventually, the rest of the gardens here at HollyHedge. We even keep the water bowls full in the barnyard! Because such a large […]

HollyHedge installed a 90, 230-watt solar panel installation in 2010. The array produces 25,000 kwh annually, and allows us to provide clean energy to our brides and grooms on their wedding day. Truly making us a leader in the green wedding movement nationally.

Each bar of used bar of soap used to be thrown away, contributing a massive load to landfills each year. Now, we are working with Clean the World to collect used soap that can be repurposed and sterilized and used by impoverished communities to fight against preventable diseases.