Posts Tagged ‘greening HollyHedge’ has named HollyHedge Estate as one of the Top 5 Rustic Wedding Venues in the Northeast United States.

Always interesting, the future trends for wedding receptions are front and center at HollyHedge Estate.
We’ve looked at some of the favorites for 2020

American History Comes To Life…
General George Washington had just one chance to get his troops across the Delaware that Christmas night but you have two opportunities to see a reenactment of this history making event.

HollyHedge Estate attempts to create a suitable environment to aid our local bee populations. An important step we’ve taken is to foster a healthy landscape of plants that serve not just to please the eye…

HollyHedge Continues to go green…we’ve made the move to eliminate all plastic straws and transition to paper straws or wood stirrers throughout all our uses. #SimpleGreenWeddingSolutions