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HollyHedge Estate attempts to create a suitable environment to aid our local bee populations. An important step we’ve taken is to foster a healthy landscape of plants that serve not just to please the eye…

Looking for fun activities while visiting Bucks County this summer? Check out our list of top events and attractions in summer 2015.

Check out this fantastic video from a recent wedding at HollyHedge. Beautiful footage and production of a beautiful bride and groom.

Blackberry Anise Jam recipe is perfect for sharing with friends, and is great on toast or for pairing with soft cheeses.

Gooseberry Jam This was the first year we’ve taken the gooseberries that we’ve been growing on the property and turned them into what turned out to be an awesome jam.  In years past, we either lost a majority of the berries to opportunistic birds, or ate them all before we could actually jam with them.  […]