History of HollyHedge Estate

In the late 1780s Watson Fell and his family began construction on many of the buildings that remain the heart of the estate today. Watson Fell, a carpenter by trade, spent years constructing the original buildings from hand-hewn timber and locally quarried field stones. The “Old Barn”, which is a popular venue for weddings and social gatherings, was built in the classic bank barn style and is a living testament to his master craftsmanship.

Since the Fell Family sold their farmstead in 1887, the property has changed hands many times. In the 1930s, former Trenton Times Editor In Chief James Kerney and his wife Sarah Kerney transformed the property from a working homestead to a regal private estate – adding ornate English gardens and landscaping – much of which survives today. In the 1960s, HollyHedge was again transformed. This time into a school for the performing arts – where youth from around the country could come during summer holidays to explore “arts amidst the fields.” The school helped restore the “Old Barn” and reinvigorate the property where outdoor classes and performances in music, theatre, modern dance and ballet were held. Over time, the school faded and the property fell into disrepair under various owners.

In 1994 the Luccaro family bought the property and saw its potential as an elegant country estate, ideal for intimate weddings and private events. Over the last 20 years, our family has refurbished many of the historic buildings, restored the estate’s architectural features, and rejuvenated its abundant land to highlight and embrace the rustic charm and history of the property. Today, our team works year round –  helping couples from Bucks County, Philadelphia and throughout the region craft their dream weddings.

The Fell Family raised their three sons on the property nearly 240 years ago, farming and working the hilly land. For over a century the property was passed down from one generation of Fells to the next. Today, the Luccaro family’s three sons have inherited that tradition. Our family has embraced the estate’s unique history, aspiring to preserve HollyHedge’s origins in fine craftsmanship, artistry, education, and environmental stewardship. We continue to rebuild and preserve the many distinct features that have grown out of the property’s unique history – hoping we can pass it down through our own family from generation to generation as the Fells before us – warmly inviting all our customers to share in the estate’s idyllic charm.