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Road Closure Updates

September 3rd, 2021 by Courtney Clemens-Phipps

Due to severe weather, many roads have been closed in the area. To get to HollyHedge Estate from New Jersey, take Route 202 across the Delaware River. Once you get into New Hope, continue on 202 for roughly 1.7 miles, and then make a right onto Sugan Road. Continue on Sugan Road for 2.5 miles […]

Brood X Cicadas’ life cycle has come and gone, and the constant thrumming of their mating calls that once echoed through the 20+ acres of the Estate has disappeared. We’re now left with the other familiar sounds of the Summer season in Bucks County.

A recent Philadelphia Inquirer article on the return of large weddings in the Philadelphia region, pulls on quotes and background from HollyHedge Estate’s General Manager and Event’s Team.

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It’s amazing what a little rain can do to rejuvenate the grounds. We were excited to welcome summer and a little rain to the Estate this week.

Notes from John – May 23, 2021 The normally quiet and serene meadow at HollyHedge resounded to the spirited sound of Indian music, drums and a chorus of happy people singing on Saturday. HollyHedge was hosting the first Indian wedding of the year and the music accompanied the Baraat procession, or the arrival of the […]